Handling Fussy eaters 

Mealtime is  the best times for families to bond with each other, to interact and to share your day’s experience. And as it is wisely said that families that eat together ,stay together. But this family time can become a little less fruitful and a bit annoying if your kiddo is a fussy or may be a choosy eater. 

That’s my fussy eater😎😇


Somedays will be great with empty plates and a full tummy while some days or rather mostly end up with leftover greens and empty tum and lot of tantrums.

The dinner table actually became a war zone for me as my 4 yr old refused to eat.Then , I took my mom’s advice who told me I was also the same  fussy eater back then 😋. Let me share a few tips n tricks 

1 . Be a role model: Kids always copy their parents .Never waste food in front of them and always tell them the importance of eating healthy and nutritional food.

Trick them to finish there plate if they also want to grow tall and big as their parents.

2. Keep a gap between snack and meal time: Snack and meal times should atleast have  1 and half  hour gap.If you give your kid a small snack like even a biscuit before mealtime it will affect his appetite.Include fruits and healthier version of junk food for snack time.

3.Never give up: Keep on introducing new veggies and fruits and don’t expect them to fall in love with them on the very first day.Keep on giving small portions of the new food and keep experimenting new recipes which are more colourful and attractive.Because if they love what they see then they may also like to eat it.

4 Meal time = happy time : I know it’s tough but try to maintain your calm at the dinner table.Let go of your frown over spilled water/milk or dropped food.Your kid should not be afraid of mealtime.

5.Let them cook: Involve your kid while preparing meals . Take suggestions for deciding menu or let them help you by washing the veggies or even cooking without fire. Like my daughter loves to make rotis(indian flat bread) using her own small rolling pin.Let them toss a salad and serve 

6. Reward them: Finished meals do call for a reward. I got smiley stickers for my daughter. I put a sticker on her hand if she finishes her meal.This really helped..She used to be very excited as to which sticker she will get.

Hope this helps. 


DIY sunburst mirror – home decor

This is a little something I did for our newly bought house.. for the last few years we were living in a rented house but I so wanted to have a house even though small but of my own 🙂 which I could decorate.

So after a lot of running here n dere , we finally found our dream home.. and thus, my home decor project was on a go..



For this, u ‘ll need
● 25 cm diameter cardboard
● 15 bamboo sticks or wooden twigs or skewers around 30cm long
● 16 sticks around 20 cm long
● small mirrors
● one round mirror little smaller than the cardboard.
● glue
●golden color spray paint

After u get all these things , spray paint the cardboard and wooden sticks and let them dry . Arrange the sticks(big n small alternatively) on the back of the cardboard so that it looks like Sun rays. And stick the small mirrors randomly on the sticks and glue a wall hanger clip on d back of the cardboard.Finally , glue the mirror in the centre of d cardboard and voila .. we hv beautiful wall hanging.


Travelling with kids

Hey all..Travelling can be fun but if you have kids on board ,it can become too difficult if you haven’t planned it well in advance.Here are a few tips for a fun filled trip for you n your lil one..


Clothes.. make ur child wear easy comfortable clothes..and always carry extra set of clothes just in case he spills    smthing or mess them up.(keep an extra tee for yourself also ).keep enough supply of diapers and wet wipes and don’t forget the sanitizer.

Food.. carry his favorite snacks,biscuits,some fruits like banana which lil ones can easily eat.A hungry child will never be happy so make sure u give smthing or d other during the journey.For the overnight stay ,always carry baby food ,formula,etc .

Water..carry at least 2 bottles of water .Avoid giving him water from outside .

Toys.. take along some of his favorite toys or books to keep him busy as kids tend to get irritated sitting at one place when you are travelling in a car or bus.Engage with them by showing things outside the window of ur car or bus.

Medicines..always pack some meds which suits ur child like for fever, diahorrea,vomiting.

Nap time..try not to disturb ur baby’s sleeping schedule.make sure kids sleep at their usual bedtime .

Plan ahead.. if u are planning an overnight stay then book ur hotel well in advance and choose hotels which are kid friendly (ones having play area for kids)so that ur lil one can hv fun n enjoy. Pack clothing according to the weather of d place you are visiting.Also,pick a destination which is at a reasonable distance from ur home.Kids don’t like to be locked up in a car for looong hours and take the small breaks in between.

Hope this helps..I ‘ll be going on a 2 day road trip with my daughter n hubby next weekend  and will share my experiences with all you lovely mothers .Till then, happy parenting!!!